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Publishing Company Pubblindustria

Hi TEch Ambiente a Ecomondo Key Energy nel 2018

The publishing company Pubblindustria was founded in Milan in the late 1980s by Eng. Marco Bindi. Scientific and economic journalist with professional experience in a national news agency, he previously launched and led to a great success the weekly computer science Linea Edp.

In this time, environmental issues were becoming increasingly important to the public. So Bindi decided to face a new challenge by editing HI-TECH AMBIENTE. A magazine proposing the themes of technological innovation in order to support all operators in the sector, both public and private.

Tramonto a Pisa in Piazza dei Miracoli

Hi-Tech Ambiente grows

Hi-Tech Ambiente with a professional journalistic approach and with a high level of technical expertise, it grows thanks to valid editorial collaborators.

In virtue of targeted distribution and large circulation, in a few years it is consecrated market leader, becoming the reference average for experts.

Position maintained after more than thirty years consolidating it with a constant commitment, following the market evolution and the formidable developments in communications characterized by the advent of Internet and social media.

Leonardo Bindi

The evolution of Pubblindustria

Pubblindustria, as well, over the years has progressively structured. Since the start it has operated on two offices, Milan for the commercial part and Pisa for the press. Here came the sons of the founder, first Patrizia then Leonardo, both professional journalists.

È stata lanciata con successo SURGELATI MAGAZINE, the first Italian magazine dedicated to frozen food field, has been successfully launched, becoming over the years the "Bible" of the sector and supporting it in its strong progress.

Today, thanks to the massive advance of telecommunications, Pubblindustria has gathered all the activities in the headquarters of Pisa. Over time it has developed strong initiatives in the network, thus offering both paper and web support. Pubblindustria participates, with its magazines and its team, in all the main trade fairs. These events are an important occasion to meet hystorical and potential customers and to distribute the magazines for free.