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Books, Magazines, House Organ

Pubblica i tuoi libri con le soluzioni di Pubblindustria

Books, magazines, house organs, leaflets and flyers… for small, medium or large companies! For anyone who needs a publication, whether it’s a multi-page corporate magazine or a flyer to present products or services, Pubblindustria is the professional and qualified partner for the drafting of contents and the graphic presentation.

Contact us to analyze with us your editorial projects and find the way to achieve them. You will be recommended with the type of solution best suited to your company. From the flyer to the customer magazine or catalogue, up to the house organ with periodical publication to be distributed to your company employees. We can manage every point of the realization of your project, with qualified team, from the drafting of the texts up to the final graphic design.

Topics adaptable to books, magazines and house organ are:

Crea le tue riviste e gli house organ con noi di Pubblindustria
  • products and services offered by the company;
  • innovations introduced by the company or which, in some way, concern it;
  • news on new technologies;
  • case history, that is the presentation of events or good practice developed by the company representing a sort of showcase;
  • feedbacks on the company by sales representatives and major customers;
  • corporate social issues;
  • other.

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Among the many examples of our work:

Libro: "Exclusive Tuscan Home Accessories", realizzato per Cassigoli da Pubblindustria

“Exclusive Tuscan Home Accessories” brochure and promotional catalogues of Cassigoli Editions, luxury furnishing accessories company.

Libro Bianco "I Dissipatori di Rifiuti Alimentari", realizzato per conto di UIDA-DRA, da Società Editrice Pubblindustria

"White Paper - The Food Waste Disposers", on behalf of UIDA (Unione Imprese Difesa Ambiente)-DRA (Federazione ANIMA)

Libro "Il Futuro dell'Acqua: Innovazione e ricerca", realizzato per conto di Acque Spa, da Società Editrice Pubblindustria

"The future of water: innovation and research", volume realized on behalf of the company Acque Spa, integrated water services management of the Basso Valdarno (ATO2)